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8. Naval Historical Collection Sources on the Battle of Jutland and WWI

NHC Battle of Jutland Collection List

NHC Jutland Collection List


The Collection List provides information about additional collections at the Naval Historical Collection related to the Battle of Jutland at the Naval War College.

The Naval Historical Collection holds a wide range of materials related to World War I ranging from the Newport Naval Base newspaper to personal accounts of naval battles, and additional translations and research collected for study and analysis at by the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Naval War College.


To find out more or to do research at the Naval Historical Collection, contact the archives at NHC@usnwc.edu.



Naval Historical Collection
Dara A. Baker, Head Archivist
Elizabeth Delmage, Assistant Archivist
Robert Marchetta, Archives Technician
Kirsi Ritosalmi-Kisner, Archives Volunteer
Jonathan Grenier, CIWAG, Archives Volunteer
Jennifer Magrath, NWC Library, Archives Volunteer

Guest Writers
Pete Pellegrino, Senior Military Analyst, War Gaming Departmen
Jon Scott Logel, Associate Professor, War Gaming
David Kohnen, PhD, Maritime History/COSL
Rob Doane, Curator, Naval War College Museum
Dara A. Baker, Head Archivist,  Naval Historical Collection

Additional thanks to 
Naval War College Graphics Department
War Gaming Department
Staff of the Naval War College Museum
Naval War College Public Affairs Office
Library Director, Dr. Allen Benson
Ernest J. King Professor of Maritime History, John D. Hattendorf

8. Naval Historical Collection Sources on the Battle of Jutland and WWI