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3. Gaming the Battle of Jutland

General Plan of the Battle of Jutland as understood by H.H. Frost, Naval War College, 1916 for use in Battle of Jutland game

Battle of Jutland General Plan via H.H. Frost, 1916

Pete Pellegrino  
Senior Military Analyst, War Gaming Department
Cubic Applications, Inc.
Naval War College

The Battle of Jutland was studied extensively by classes throughout the interwar year period. Deck and radio logs permitted detailed reconstruction of ship movements and actions and, between 1916 and 1924, Lieutenant Commander Holloway Halstead Frost assembled a series of overlays or plates depicting the battle in 15 minute increments.

In addition to studying the plates, NWC students used the game floor to reenact the battle. Rather than re-playing the battle with students assuming the roles of the British and German commanders, and challenging the historic outcome, the game-floor events should more properly be described as “demonstrations” with the students retracing the movements of the opposing fleets according to Frost’s script, pausing at critical junctures to discuss tactics. In many ways this was not unlike an Army War College staff-ride at Gettysburg.

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