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The NWC Library, including the Henry E. Eccles Library, Naval Historical Collection, and Classified Library, welcomes inquiries about donations of archival and library materials. Prospective donors should NOT send or drop off unsolicited materials, but should send gift offers identifying the item(s) to be donated including author, title, place and date of publication, publisher and edition statement, if other than first edition, or equivalent information for material in other formats (for example, photographs, original manuscripts, correspondence, films, and audio recordings). The offer should also include an estimate of quantity (count and/or linear foot measure) and of physical condition of the proposed gift.

The NWC Library reserves the right not to accept unsolicited items and will dispose of unwanted unsolicited items in its sole discretion by such means as donation to other institutions, recycling, DRMO (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office), or other means of disposal.

Please send offers via email to: 


 Or call:

Archives: (401) 841-2435

Library: (401) 841-4307